How should you talk to your dog?

How should you talk to your dog?

If you talk to your dog, you’re not alone. But did you know the way you talk to her may make a difference?

UK researchers Alex Benjamin and Katie Slocombe conducted two experiments to determine whether or not talking to your dog in “dog speak” (using a high-pitched tone with dog-related words such as “walk” and “good boy”) enhances the human-animal bond.

“A special speech register, known as infant-directed speech, is thought to aid language acquisition and improve the way a human baby bonds with an adult,” explains Katie. “This form of speech is known to share some similarities with the way in which humans talk to their pet dogs, known as dog-directed speech.”

Study results showed that dogs prefer to interact with those who speak in high-pitched, emotional tones and utter dog-relevant words. The researchers hope their findings will be useful for dog lovers, as well as veterinary professionals and rescue workers.


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