4 essential rules for the dog park

dog park

Whether your furbaby is a seasoned socialite or new to hanging around other dogs, here are 4 essential rules you need to know before going to the dog park.

1. Know and Follow the Rules

Most dog parks have signs posted around the perimeter to let owners know what kind of dog park they are at. Signs will let you know whether the park allows big or small dogs, on or off-leash, toys or no toys, food or treats. You can prevent altercations and messy situations simply by following the rules.

2. Make sure that your dog has proper identification

Some parks are really big and sometimes dogs will bolt and escape your supervision no matter how well you’ve trained them. Today, there are so many ways you can identify your pet from fancy name-tags, collars, and even External Microchips. The external microchip can fasten to your dog’s collar, so that if someone finds your dog they can tap their smartphone on your pet’s chip. This instantly sends you an e-mail or text message telling you that they’ve been found. If you want someone to know what they can feed your dog, if they have diabetes, temperament issues, or just how to keep your pet’s attention, you can add this to you’re their profile so the rescuer can safely take care of him while you come to the rescue.

3. Put the Phone downdog park

Stop scrolling through your phone, just for a few minutes, unless you’re reading this then you’re ok. Your dog is much like your child, if not, the same thing; they want your attention! The dog park is not a daycare; so don’t expect others to watch your dog. Give him 100% of your attention while you’re at the park. Keeping an eye out for him at the dog park allows for others to keep an eye on their own pet, so that if a fight breaks out or a dog gets loose you can act fast and minimize any altercations.

4. Pick up after your dog!

So, you’re dog is looking at you with that awkward vulnerable stare. You know it’s time to break out the poop bags, but oh look, there’s another dog giving his owner the stare and they just walked away leaving a potentially hazardous, in more ways than one, coiled package right in the middle of the field. Not only is this potentially harmful for other dogs, but it’s not fair to the unsuspecting person who is playing with their dog and happens to slip and fall right into it or even just get it on their shoe. If you’re not willing to pick up after your dog then do not bring them to public spaces. There’s more than likely garbage nearby, so pick up after your dog and toss it.

If you keep these 4 Essential rules in mind and follow the posted signs at your dog park then you can help make these places even more friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

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