Queen Victoria and her dogs

queen victoria

Queen Victoria, is perhaps best remembered for being the longest reigning monarch in British history, but did you know she was also a massive dog lover?

Throughout her life, Queen Victoria had many furry companion. As a child she spent a lot of time in isolation from other children, but she found real companionship in caring for her dogs. Here is a brief list of some of her more well known dogs.

queen victoria
Princess Victoria with her spaniel Dash, by Sir George Hayter, 1833.

Dash – A King Charles Spaniel, who was the first in a long line beloved dogs. Queen Victoria, was 13 when she was given Dash, and the dog remained with her even after her accession as queen in 1837. Dash passed away in 1840 and was buried at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Home Park. A marble effigy was erected bearing the following inscription:

Here lies
The favourite spaniel of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
In his 10th year
His attachment was without selfishness
His playfulness without malice
His fidelity without deceit
If you would be beloved and die regretted
Profit by the example of

Eos – A Greyhound who Prince Albert bought for her from Germany.

Nero – Greyhound

Islay – Skye terrier

Marco – A small spitz who was the first of her many Pomeranians.


Noble – Her favourite collie


Turi – A Pomeranian who lay on her deathbed at her request.


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