Disaster prep for dogs

Disaster prep for dogs

This simple plan will help keep you and your animal companions safe if a natural disaster strikes.

Wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornados…so many regions have been devastated in recent years by natural disasters. No matter where you live, it’s good to be prepared, especially if you have dogs at home. Consider these two simple yet essential steps to ensure you and your furry friends are ready if and when the next catastrophe strikes.

1. Don’t forget the basics

Your dog should wear a collar and ID tag bearing his name, a cell phone number, and any urgent medical needs. For added assurance, think about microchipping him.

2. Develop a pet-specific disaster plan and evacuation kit

This kit should include:

  • An extensive list of safe places – such as emergency animal shelters, pet-friendly hotels, and trusted relatives and friends located in another region – that could house your dog/s during an emergency.
  • A comfortable carrier or crate.
  • A favourite toy or comfort item, like a blanket.
  • A one-week supply of water, non-perishable dog food, and any required medications or remedies.
  • Copies of veterinary records and vaccination/titer history.
  • Recent photos of you holding your dog, which can be used to help verify ownership in case of unexpected separation.