Ways to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing

Ways to improve your dog’s quality of life

Give her health, happiness and longevity a boost!

Your dog enriches your quality of life every single day – but are you doing the same for her? Here are a few tips to help give her health, happiness and longevity a boost!

Mental well-being

Your dog needs to exercise her brain as much as her body! Provide mental stimulation by investing in an interactive toy, switching up your walking route, and engaging her in daily training sessions.

Oral care

Prevent bad breath, plaque and gingivitis between vet visits. Brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis to remove sticky surface buildup, toss her an appropriately-sized raw bone every now and again to scrape away tartar, and pick up an oral spray or gel to kill bacteria and freshen breath on a regular basis.

Eye health

Take steps to make good vision a priority! Remove sharp, low-hanging objects that could cause injury to her eyes, and avoid use of harsh chemicals in your home and yard. If you notice signs of excessive discharge, itchiness, redness, or other issues, pay a visit to your vet.

Ear cleanings

Ear problems are common in dogs, so routine care is crucial! Perform weekly visual inspections to check for debris or damage, and use a tissue or cotton ball coated in a natural ear cleaning solution to gently wipe the opening of the canal.

Skin/coat wellness

A healthy coat starts from the inside. Feed her a healthy, biologically-appropriate diet, and supplement with fatty acids and antioxidants. And reach for grooming products that don’t contain harsh, damaging chemicals.

Spine health

Back pain is no fun. Spare your dog the discomfort by encouraging her to take it easy during playtime – especially if she’s a senior. Like us, dogs can suffer from slipped disks and other spinal issues due to overexertion, so intervene when she’s going too hard.

Paw checks

Your dog’s paw pads are tough, but they’re still susceptible to injury! Plan your walks to avoid ice and salt in winter, and hot asphalt in the summer — or buy dog boots. Perform frequent “paw checks” and consider a soothing paw balm to help protect and condition.

Nail trims

Overgrown nails press into the ground when your dog walks, causing pain in her nailbeds. Over time, your dog will start to compensate for this discomfort by putting less pressure on her feet, which can lead to joint injuries and posture issues. So trim her nails!

Digestive wellness

Keep her system working well by feeding her a high quality diet! You can also consider digestive enzymes. Invest in food that lists whole meat as the first ingredient, and that doesn’t contain too many fillers, such as by-products, corn and soy, and artificial preservatives.

Anal gland health

Chances are, if your dog’s digestive health is up to snuff, “butt scooting” won’t be a problem. But even healthy dogs can have trouble with their anal glands. Try adding some canned pumpkin to her regular meals for increased fibre. If the problem persists, talk to your vet or groomer.

Joint maintenance

Exercise and nutrition are the two key factors when it comes to joint health. Frequent activity supports the joints by strengthening the surrounding muscles, while a healthy diet and certain supplements – such as glucosamine and chondroitin – help promote healthy joint fluid and repair damaged cartilage.

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