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Bringing up baby: training tips for your new pup

Advice on potty training, chewing, walking and more! That sweet face, those adorable kisses, that unmistakable puppy breath! A new puppy...


3 steps to off-leash training

Safety and reliable recall are the two most important factors when training your dog off-leash. Letting your dog off-leash is fun and...

9-step health check

9-step health check

Monitor your dog’s well-being by adding a quick and simple health check to his grooming routine. Regular veterinary exams are vital to...

questions to ask a breeder

10 Questions To Ask A Breeder

There’s nothing cuter than a puppy, but don’t be so dazzled by that irresistible little bundle in the breeder’s arms that you forget...


Puppy stages

Puppies grow quickly, and growing up brings many changes. Your puppy will change not only physically, but intellectually and emotionally,...