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mobility in dogs of all ages

Mobility in dogs of all ages

Exercise is great for dogs of all ages. But keep in mind that too much exercise can be just as dangerous as too little, depending on your...

caring for your senior dog

7 tips to care for your senior dog

Is your dog a senior citizen? Like us, dogs tend to develop age-related conditions as they grow older. Not all dogs age at the same pace....


Give Treibball a try!

Sometimes referred to as urban herding, Treibball (pronounced “try-ball”) combines herding and obedience, but instead of using live...

nose work

Sniffing out fun with Nose Work

No matter what size or shape, dogs everywhere love to catch a scent. Nose Work, a relatively new sport on the scene, provides a positive...

tips for multi-dog walking

Multi-Dog walking

Multi-dog walking is a lot of fun, but can also be challenging. Here’s what you need to know before heading out with your pack. Why have...


Top 5 steps for optimal immunity

A long healthy life depends in large part on strong and resilient immunity for disease resistance. You may already be incorporating some of...

finding a dog walker

How to find a dog walker

Most of us lead busy lives these days, which means we don’t always have time to walk our dogs as often as we should. Hiring a dog walker...


Get your dog fit!

Exercise doesn’t just keep your dog healthy and fit and extend his lifespan. It also reduces anxiety, builds confidence, provides an...

dog fitness

The latest in canine fitness

Denise was concerned about her best friend, Jack. Because of recent surgery on her knee, she’d been unable to take him for walks and...

exercise for dogs

6 benefits of exercise for dogs

Life can be hectic, and it’s easy to get so busy that we forget to take proper care of ourselves. One thing that often falls through the...

dog indoors

Keeping your dog happy indoors

Being stuck indoors too much can make you a little depressed – and it can also affect your canine companion. According to a study by the...

recipes for active dogs

Recipes for your active dog

Does your active dog need a little boost? Make these quick and easy canine treats for your pooch after a long walk, or offer them as snacks...

acupressure for active dogs

Acupressure for Active Dogs

Active dogs are happy dogs – they’re doing what comes naturally to them. When dogs get plenty of exercise, they’re physically healthy...


Fitness with your dog

You’re a couch potato and you readily admit it. Sure, you have a gym membership, but you can’t remember the last time you used it....

biking and jogging with your dog

Biking and jogging with your dog

Spring’s here, and it’s time for you and your dog to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Long walks are a favorite form...

caring for your canine athlete

Caring for your canine athlete

Any athlete can tell you the importance of muscle health when it comes to optimizing performance. The same applies to dogs. Whether your...