How far do dog owners walk each year?

How far do dog owners walk each year?

A new survey proves that dog owners walk a lot! An average of 870 miles a year, to be exact!

A recent survey conducted by found that people with dogs walk an average of 870 miles per year. A total of 2,000 adults took part in the study, half of whom had dogs. Results revealed that those with canine companions walk more than 21 miles a week, while those without walk less than 14 miles.

The survey discovered some additional interesting facts and stats:

  • Dog owners are fitter overall, and reported better mental health and reduced stress levels.
  • Dog walks are 34 minutes long on average.
  • 10% of respondents said they blame the weather for not walking their dogs more often.
  • 23% believe their dogs have made them more sociable.
  • One in five are too busy with work issues to exercise their dogs more than they already do.
  • Based on the answers provided, it was estimated that in one year dog guardians use 936 poo bags, play 2,340 games of fetch, and call their dogs’ names at least 1,404 times.