Elevate Daily Dog Walks with Designer Dog Collars

Elevate your daily dog walks with designer dog collars from Mon Toudou

Add a spring to your dog’s step on daily walks by adding hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, vivid dog collars to their wardrobe.

Daily romps in the great outdoors are key to the health and happiness of both you and your pup. But you already knew that. Did you know, though, that dogs too want to do their daily exercise in style? You love your designer exercise duds, right? Well, your dog too enjoys being a snappy dresser. The easiest way to cater to their dapper-dog aspirations? By adding hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, vivid dog collars to their wardrobe: designed to match your pup’s personality and put a decidedly delighted spring in their step.

Why daily dog walks matter

As a fellow pet parent, we know that you are 100% committed to giving your dog all the love, treats, fresh air and exercise that they need to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks, in particular, are what keep your furniture from being chewed, your carpet from being destroyed by bathroom accidents, the mailman from being barked at, and the daily dance of ‘I want in, I want out’ from your fur-monster to a minimum!

The benefits of dog walks (for pup and parent) are numerous and well-documented:

  1. Walking provides exercise, keeping you and your dog from becoming sedentary and improving overall health, including things like:
    a. Weight and body condition – sedentary dogs are often overweight dogs, which can come a whole host of health problems.
    b. Joint condition – regular movement can keep immobility and joint pain at bay.
    c. Digestive and urinary health – regular, frequent exercise can help your dog stay regular, and prevent constipation. Consistent opportunities to ‘go’ can also keep things like urinary tract infections away.
  2. Walking provides mental stimulation, reducing the potential for boredom – and any accompanying destructive behaviour in the home.
  3. Walking helps with socialization of your pup – by meeting furriends in the great outdoors, your pup will learn acceptable ways of socially interacting with other dogs, which also helps build confidence and reduce anxiety.
  4. Walking together gives you and your dog the opportunity to spend quality time together and really bond. Your dog craves your love and focused attention, with a walk being the perfect opportunity to provide both. Exercise plus attention work hand in hand to deter attention-seeking behaviours like whining and pointless barking.
  5. Walking gives your dog a chance to show off his personal style by dressing to impress. Choosing Mon Toudou dog collars, harnesses, leashes, and other accessories that show off their colouring, playful personality, and joyful zest for life is a guaranteed way to garner lots of oohs and aahs over Rover! (With the extra attention also guaranteed to make their walk even more rewarding.)

How to keep daily dog walks interesting

Mon Toudou's designer range of unique dog collars are guaranteed to put an added spring to your dog's stepOf course, if you do the same old walk, day in day out, boredom for you both will soon set in, thereby reducing some of the good you’re doing. A few ways to keep it interesting?

  • Change up the route and location
  • Play games
  • Include some specific training activities on walks
  • Brighten up their walk wardrobe with fun dog collars and accessories designed to showcase your pup’s personality to a T!

Based in Canada, Mon Toudou’s range of unique dog collars – currently on special for 50% off* – offer a choice of vibrant colours, designs and styles, guaranteed to put a spring in your dog’s step and make your outdoors adventures even more paw-some.

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