Irish Terrier


Irish Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: 18-19” (45-48 cm) 25-27 lb (11.5-12 kg) Wiry, stiff dense outercoat. Softer undercoat. May have slight beard. Bright red, golden red or red wheaten.

Photo courtesy of Windeire Reg'd


One of the oldest breeds of terrier, the Irish Terrier originated in County Cork, Ireland. Kept by peasants to keep rats at bay, the breed doubled as a soft-mouthed retriever who helped bring food to the dinner table. For practical reasons, the Irish Terrier came in a wide variety of types and sizes, so when it was first introduced to the dog show world in 1875, it was clear a breed standard needed to be defined. This was accomplished by 1900, after much discussion and effort, and the large red Irish Terrier became the accepted norm. The breed spread to North America in the late 19th century and remains a useful and versatile breed with a distinct look and temperament.


Nicknamed the “daredevil” of the canine world, the plucky Irish Terrier is a courageous and charming dog with a heart of gold. He is attached to his family, loyal and affectionate, devoted and full of pizzazz. He is always “up” and can be a bit distracted at times. He needs lots of opportunities to get out and play, and consistent training.

Irish Terrier Breeders:

Windeire Reg’d

Canadian, American champion bloodlines. Sound home raised puppies occasionally. Bred for health, temperament and show. Excellent companion dog for family with a fenced yard. Sold with contract. Experienced breeder since 1991. Visitors welcome by appointment only. RR1 Ilderton ON N0M2A0

Phone: Ian MacDonald (519) 666 0195

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