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Paws En Route

In August 2016, Dacia Rohlehr was faced with a dilemma all pet parents fear. Her dog, Liam, was very sick, and needed to be transported from one emergency veterinary clinic to another – but she was unable to drive him herself. Dacia was dismayed to discover there was no service available to help her. As a result, Liam’s treatment was delayed.

Eventually, Liam made it to the clinic but did not survive the illness. Dacia decided that no dog – or guardian – should ever have to undergo such a preventable tragedy. Her solution? She founded Paws En Route, a premium transportation service for dogs, cats, and every other kind of companion animal. This chauffeur service for animals takes the burden off those who aren’t able to transport their pets themselves, and helps prevent incidents like the one Dacia and Liam faced.

No car? No problem!

Founded on a team of experienced, animal-loving drivers, Paws En Route is dedicated to taking pets to and from their destination. “Transporting pets is our primary business and focus – not just an add-on service,” says Dacia. “We transport pets with or without their owners in a safe environment to vet appointments, grooming and spa appointments, airports, kennels, daycares, shipping and cargo facilities, or any other transportation need.”

Paws En Route
Paws En Route spokes-puppy, Finn, enjoys a ride!

Dacia and her team understand that nowadays, many people don’t own vehicles. Certain demographics – such as senior citizens who no longer drive and those without driver’s licences – often have no way to transport their pets. Relying on public transport is difficult due to limited time frames and pet restrictions, while many Ubers and Taxis also may not accept pets. With Paws En Route, pet parents can take comfort in knowing that help will be there when they need it.

Help for those with hectic schedules

Paws En Route is also great for those with busy schedules. If a client doesn’t have time to take their dog to a regular grooming appointment, for example, Paws En Route offers a convenient solution. According to Dacia, helping individuals who are juggling many personal and non-personal commitments is very rewarding. “It’s gratifying to know that we’re reducing their stress,” she says. “We love pets and believe that through our service, we are helping four-legged family members get to their appointments, which ultimately keeps them healthy.”

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Emily Watson is a staff writer for Animal Wellness Magazine and Canadian Dogs Annual. She is a certified yoga and medical Qi Gong instructor and has been writing — creatively and otherwise — for ten years. Off the mat and away from the keyboard, Emily can be found hiking, camping and travelling with her wife and fur babies.