5 reasons to get a pet portrait

A painted Pet Portrait. Dog with a rose in his mouth

Animals pass through our lives too quickly. A pet portrait is the perfect way to reflect on all the happy memories you created together — or simply highlight your quirky pal!

Your pet will always hold a special place in your heart, even long after he’s gone. Finding ways to commemorate your fur babe will help rekindle that warm, loving feeling you get every time you see his face. Getting a professional portrait of your dog will accomplish this, and will also help you celebrate his life while he’s still with you! Plus, it’ll give him quite the ego boost. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should get a professional portrait of your pet.

1. To keep him around forever

Just like kids, our pets grow up way too fast. Having a portrait of your fur babe on the wall is a great way to celebrate his life once he’s gone and keep him in your memory forever.

2. To remember him the way you want to

Did your dog look funny while sleeping? Does he have unique markings that make him special? Maybe his personality was (or is) one-of-a-kind. Get your dog to pose in a way that highlights your favourite qualities and capture it in a portrait so you can remember him exactly as he is.

3. It’s a great way to show off your love

Professional pet portraits help express the love (and sometimes obsession) you have for your animal companion by making them the center of attention in your home or business. Queen Victoria, who was a massive dog lover, often posed for portraits with her loving companions.

Every morning when I walk into the office, I look at my dog Sabrina’s portrait and feel so much love and happiness. It starts every day on a high note.

– Tim Hockley, Group Publisher at Redstone Media Group

4. It will make you the greatest friend ever

A pet portrait makes a great gift for the dog lover in your life. It’s sure to hit them on an emotional level, and they’ll be beyond thankful to receive such a personal gift!

5. It’s the best conversation starter

Your pets end up being a huge part of your life; attending celebrations, family trips and sharing countless moments in between. All of these moments turn into wonderful stories that you inevitably love to tell. Your favourite part of the day will be when someone asks “who’s the cute dog in the portrait?” prompting you to tell your stories all over again (and again, and again).

Looking to get a pet portrait for your favourite space in your home? Canadian artist, Marsha Scott is a life-long creator of human and pet portraits, specializing in custom works of art that beautifully capture their essence. Marsha comes from a family of artists, enriching her passion and drive for creativity. You can contact Marsha Scott at Linwood Studio to inquire about your own custom masterpiece!


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