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How does your dog behave when you're out?

How does your dog behave when you’re out?

“Ever wonder what pets do when we’re not home?” This tagline from the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets poses a question we...

do dogs have the same emotions as people?

Do dogs have the same emotions people do?

Back in the early 1960s, when I was an undergraduate, I found myself listening to a lecture given by a well-known physiological...

why dogs stretch

Why dogs stretch

Pay close attention to how your dog stretches. Does he do both “upward dog” and “downward dog”? Is the depth of the stretch equal...

why dogs shake

Why dogs shake off

How often does your dog shake off? Is it a full body shake or just the neck and upper body? Our dogs are smarter than we think. We often...


The healing effects of music

Sound is a major factor of our surroundings, especially in today’s loud, fast-paced world. Noise pollution can create stress for both...


Can dogs learn by just watching and listening?

At a small reception following a talk I gave on dog communication, one of the university hosts introduced me to a developmental...


Stress and your dog’s behaviour

Stress and tension can be as much an issue for dogs as for humans. By understanding what’s causing his stress, you can be better...

acupressure for new dog

Acupressure for your new dog

Miles looked so pathetic in his cage at the shelter that Sandy just had to take him home. The 11-year-old dachshund’s coat was a powdery...

are you encouraging antisocial behaviour in your dog?

Are you encouraging antisocial behavior in your dog?

Are you encouraging antisocial behaviour in your dog? Here’s how to change your ways. She’s not friendly!” calls a woman,...

understanding your aggressive dog

Understanding your aggressive dog

Jake was a cheerful, loving dog. The Shih tzu cross was friendly with everyone and enjoyed romps at the local dog park. Then one day,...

mental illness in dogs

Mental illness or behaviour problem?

Mental illness in dogs can arise as an extension of physical illness (a progression of disease from the physical to the psyche), or it can...

deciphering canine behaviour

Deciphering canine behaviour

“If only he could talk.” It’s a common lament, especially when a dog is “misbehaving” or otherwise acting out of character and...

music for dogs

Music to heal your pets

In human beings, music has been found to ease depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce the need for pain medication after surgery. And...

Harnessing emotions during dog training

Harnessing emotions to train your dog

Instead of focusing on the practical side of training, try concentrating on the emotions you bring to your dog when interacting and working...

animal communication

Can animal communication help your pet?

Take a look at how animal communication can help dogs and cats overcome behavioural issues. Shayne is a five-year-old female American...

solutions for digging dogs

My dog won’t stop digging!

Q. My retriever has been digging excessively, and my lawn is starting to look like I have gophers. It’s hard for me to be with her every...