Party tricks to teach your dog

Party tricks to teach your dog
All photos courtesy of Sara Carson and Puppr App.

Teaching your dog tricks adds fun, exercise and mental stimulation into his daily routine!

People love to watch dogs perform tricks. And while not every dog will have his own YouTube channel, trick training is one of the fastest growing activities in the canine community. Not surprising when you consider that teaching your dog party tricks is an excellent way to keep up with his exercise needs, and provide enough mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy.  At the same time, it can help deepen the bond between you and your pup!

Here are three fun party tricks to try at home:

Roll Over

This trick can be challenging for some dogs, so go slowly. Keep in mind that if your dog is not comfortable with this behaviour, or tenses up due to excitement, you may want to take a break and try again when he’s more relaxed.

Hooped Arms

This is a fun behaviour that many high energy dogs enjoy. The key to this one is to take your time and have lots of patience!

Figure 8s

A fun trick that almost every dog can accomplish with a little bit of training!

Keep him stimulated

Dogs love their walks, but keeping them fit, happy and healthy requires a little more. Mental stimulation is often overlooked, when it can actually tire a dog out much faster than physical exercise. Spending just five to ten minutes a day teaching your dog party tricks can help provide him with all the mental stimulation he needs!

A few tips to keep in mind

Keep sessions short

Each one should be no more than five to ten minutes in length. You want training to be fun, and to be able to keep your dog engaged in order to get the best results. End your session on a good note – before he’s bored or frustrated –  to keep him wanting more.

Train with your dog’s meal

While treats are yummy, too many can cause belly upset, weight gain, and may not be good for your dog’s overall health. Using his dinner to train will provide enough food rewards to last two five- to ten-minute sessions each day, and it’s a super easy way to incorporate training into your daily routine.

Know his strengths and weaknesses

If your dog has bad knees, for example, you may want to avoid tricks that place extra stress on his joints. If he enjoys using his paws, try to select behaviours that incorporate them to make the training even more enjoyable.

To learn even more party tricks and start earning badges, download the Puppr app on IOS and Android.

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Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Sara Carson successfully ran her own dog training facility for over five years. During that time, she taught dog tricks, obedience, puppy foundations and agility classes. Sara is one of the top international trick dog trainers and has received several awards showcasing her achievements in the past years. Her dogs have earned a multitude of agility titles and are savvy in dock diving, Frisbee and canine freestyle. Sara and her Super Collies have made an appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and continue to captivate audiences all over the world. She has aptly earned her title as Celebrity Dog Trainer after placing 5th on Season 12 of America's Got Talent. Sara was also awarded Dog Trainer of The Year in 2017 from Greater Mats. Currently, she is living in Los Angeles, California and spends her days performing along with teaching dog trick workshops around the globe.