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DNA tests

DNA Tests for Your Dog

Krista loves Tobias, her energetic and sometimes rambunctious two-year-old shelter dog, but often wonders what mix of breeds he is. “He...

hormone deficiency

Does your dog have a hormone deficiency?

Does your dog have a hormonal deficiency? You probably already know that canines can suffer from hormone imbalances of the thyroid gland,...

immune system dog

Keep your animal’s immune system balanced

If your dog or cat has a healthy immune system, he’s much less likely to get sick. In fact, the importance of a balanced, functional...


L-Carnitine for your animal

You might be familiar with L-carnitine as a supplement popular among bodybuilders. But did you know it can also be useful for your...

phytochemicals for your dog

Phytochemicals for your dog

Your mother knew what she was talking about when she told you to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Research on cancer and nutrition in people...

cancer in dogs

Two views on dog cancer

Homeopathy, along with new discoveries in conventional medicine, are coming to similar conclusions about how to more effectively treat...


The relationship between dog genes & diet

Wholesome high-quality food can help keep your dog healthy by enhancing his immune system and reducing the risk of disease. But did you...