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acupressure for active dogs

Acupressure for Active Dogs

Active dogs are happy dogs – they’re doing what comes naturally to them. When dogs get plenty of exercise, they’re physically healthy...

spices for your dog

Adding spices to your dog’s diet

Cinnamon, ginger, cloves…Aside from adding flavor to food, many spices also offer a lot of nutritional value. And you can share those...

Chinese herbs for dogs

The facts on chinese herbs

What exactly are Chinese herbs? What’s so special about them? You’ve probably heard plenty of treatment stories that sound nearly...

TCM for animals

TCM as treatment for your dog

Misha was diagnosed with a flea allergy. His person, Karen, didn’t want him taking drugs, so she turned to an integrative veterinarian...

preventing periodontal disease in dogs

Preventing periodontal disease in dogs

Dental problems affect most dogs and can cause serious health issues if left unattended. A wholesome meaty diet along with energetic...