Top Guinness World “Record-Barkers”

Top Guinness World “Record-Barkers”

Check out these “bone-a-fide” record-holders!

Yes, all dogs are amazing. But some canines really knock it out of the dog park! We’re talking about those four-footed fur-friends who top the charts in everything from size to special talents. Check out a few of the world’s most interesting and impressive canines. They’re “bone-a-fide” record-holders by Guinness World Records.

Tallest dog ever

Record holder: Zeus, Great Dane

Height: 1.118 m (44”)

Otsego, MI — October 4, 2011

Zeus, a Great Dane, holds the record for the tallest dog ever. The lofty canine measured a “skyscraping” 1.118 m (44”) tall on October 4, 2011. When standing, he reached 2.23 m (7’4”)! Clearly, counter surfing was no problem for this gentle giant!

His “mom”, Denise Doorlag, says Zeus weighed in at 70.30 kg (155 lb) and ate approximately 13.6 kg (30 lb) of food every two weeks.

True to his breed, Zeus had a very laid-back personality and got along well with humans and other animals. In fact, Zeus was a certified therapy dog who enjoyed visiting hospital patients.

Sadly, Zeus passed away in 2014, but he still holds the record for tallest dog ever.

Fastest 30 m on a scooter by a dog

Record holder: Norman

Time: 20.77 seconds

Marietta, GA – July, 2013

When professional dog trainer Karen Cobb brought home Norman, a Briard, little did she know her new best friend would set two Guinness World Records titles – “Fastest 30 m on a scooter by a dog” and “Fastest 30 m on a bicycle by a dog”.

Karen knew Norman was special right away. “We started introducing him to many of the kids’ toys in the backyard, so he would not be fearful. The scooter was one of them and he just loved it! Norman basically thought he was one of the kids — whatever they did, he wanted to try.”

Karen uses positive reinforcement with Norman. “Training forms such a strong bond between you and your pet.”

In addition to scootering and cycling, Norman can surf, longboard, jump rope, play basketball and even participate in dog sports. He achieved the highest level rally title – the RACH – in the summer of 2019.

Longest tongue on a dog

Record holder: Mochi

Tongue length: 18.58 cm (7.31”)

Sioux Falls, SD — August 25, 2016

Imagine the dog kisses! The longest tongue on a dog belongs to Mochi, a female St. Bernard. Her tongue measures an incredible 18.58 cm (7.31”).

Mochi was rescued by Carla and Craig Rickert when she was two years old. “We love her unconditionally despite that crazy, long tongue that causes people to stare and laugh,” said Carla.

Most tricks performed by a dog in one minute

Record holder: Hero, The Super Collie, with Sara Carson

Number of tricks: 49

Palmdale, CA — February 18, 2018

You may have seen this famous Canadian canine with her trainer and favourite person, Sara Carson, on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent. The pair placed an impressive 5th overall after showcasing some serious energy and talent on stage.

Sara and Hero have been working together since the Super Collie was four months old. Hero’s hundreds of tricks include walking on his front legs, dancing, spinning, and even landing on Sara’s back. The dynamic duo has traveled the globe, bringing smiles to faces everywhere.

Most skips by a dog and person in one minute

Record holder: Jessica, with Rachael Grylls

Number of jumps: 59

Lewdown, UK — December 1, 2016

Jessica, a Jack Russell Terrier, loves to jump and it shows! She and her human partner, Rachael Grylls, skipped 59 times in one minute. That’s almost one jump per second!

Highest jump by a dog

Record holder: Feather

Jump height: 191.7 cm (75.5”)

Frederick, MD — September 14, 2017

How high can you go?! Aptly named Feather (who flies through the air), a Greyhound rescued and trained by Samantha Valle, makes it look easy. She started off jumping 54” obstacles and progressed until she set the current record of clearing 191.7 cm (75.5”) in 2017. Impressive!

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