Appearance: 9-12" (25-30 cm) 5-9 lb (2.5-4 kg) Long fluffy coat, slightly shorter on the muzzle. White in colour.


Cute and cuddly, the Bolognese is a fun and loyal pet. He does need regular exercise but is fairly laid back and serious for a toy breed. While he will alert to strangers, he is not a big barker and quickly warms to new people once he gets to know them.


The Bolognese originated in Bologna, Italy but much of this toy breed’s past is unknown, since it’s tangled up with the history of related breeds such as the Maltese. The dogs were generally cultivated as pets for the upper class, and presented as cherished gifts to help establish trade and good relations with European noblemen. In one well know example of this, the Duke d’Este gave two Bolognese dogs to King Philip II of Spain in the late 1500s. Pleased with his gift, the King replied “these two little dogs are the most royal gifts one can make to an emperor”. The breed didn’t arrive in North America until the 1980s. Here, the dogs are loved for their docile personalities and are prized as companions.

Bolognese Breeders:

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