Leonberger Breed Description

Appearance: 25-32" (65-80 cm) 80-150 lb (36-68 kg) Long, slightly coarse, close-fitting water-resistant outercoat. Thick soft undercoat. Feathering. Mane. Lion yellow, golden to red-brown, sand and all combinations between. Black mask.

Rory is GCH CR Ultimate Encore BISS CGN. Rory was Canada’s # 1 Leo in 2018. Bred/Owned by Cindy Hunt; Concorde Ridge Leonbergers Perm. Reg’d; CKC Registered. www.concorderidge.com; (905) 516-1739


Following his dream to produce a large leonine dog to help promote his business and hometown of Leonberg, Heinrich Essig decided to cross a Landseer Newfoundland with a Saint Bernard. The resulting dog was then crossed back to a Great Pyrenees, and likely had a bit of German or Austrian scent hound and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mixed in. The result: a giant that could be used as an all-purpose farm and family dog, with a natural love of water. Essig was a good businessman and succeeded in bringing the Leonberger into many royal homes, including those of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), King Uberto of Italy, Napoleon the III, and Empress Elizabeth of Austria. Like many giant dogs, the Leonberger suffered during the First and Second World Wars, when food shortages forced breeders and owners to abandon them. After the war, it took over 25 years of dedicated work to bring the breed back to a stable population.


Huge and cuddly, the Leonberger is the supreme canine teddy bear. He is even-tempered and adores children, though his giant size can be intimidating. As a puppy, he is playful and energetic, but he calms down as he matures. Because of his size, it is important to train and socialize him at a young age. The Leonberger is a family-oriented dog who wants to be with his people at all times.

Leonberger Breeders:

Concorde Ridge Leonbergers Perm. Reg’d

Concorde Ridge Leonbergers is a permanently CKC registered kennel located outside of Hamilton. Our Leos come from some of the finest kennels in Europe and Russia. All our dogs are health tested and have stellar temperaments. CR Leos excel in the show ring as well as being beloved family pets. Several of our dogs are registered therapy dogs and work with autistic children, in nursing homes and in hospital wards. Our puppies and adults are fed a natural diet. Our puppies are adopted to approved homes and by reservation only.

Phone: (905) 516-1739
Website: www.concorderidge.com

Disguise Reg’d

Disguise Perm. Reg’d. Pre-spoiled and preloved beautiful leonbergers, raised in our home as part of our family. Breeding only from quality, championed, health tested parents with an emphasis on temperament, health, conformation and European bloodlines. Reservations recommended. Actively participating in the conformation, draft and obedience rings. Wellandport, ON, L0R 2J0.

Phone: Tanya McCarthy (905) 920-3987
Website: www.disguisedachshundleonberger.com
Email: longears@yahoo.ca