Rottweiler Breed Description

Appearance: 22-27" (56-69 cm) 92-110 lb (42-50 kg) Medium length, coarse dense outercoat. Black with rust to mahogany markings.


Roman soldiers travelling across Europe took their food along with them “on the hoof”. The herds were driven by huge Mastiffs. As cattle were eaten or left at outposts, the dogs remained behind at drop points, one of which was the town of Rottweil in Germany. Roman Mastiffs and local dogs interbred, producing an imposing dog known as the German Butcher’s Dog, or Rottweiler. These dogs carted goods to market, then drove new purchases of cattle back home. Improved methods of transportation such as the railroad made the Rottweiler’s job unnecessary, and the breed’s numbers dropped significantly. But the Rottweiler’s reputation caught the interest of the police and military in the 1900s and this association made the “rottie” one of the most popular breeds in North America.


A well-bred Rottweiler is a calm, confident and courageous dog. He trusts his owner implicitly and is highly dedicated to his family. Naturally cautious of strangers, he remains on guard until shown there is no danger to his family. When not on the alert, he is a mellow dog who is loving and playful and makes a superb companion. Good training and socialization make the Rottweiler a pleasure to have around. His intelligence and trainability make him a fun friend who excels in obedience, agility, cart pulling and many more active jobs.

Rottweiler Breeders:

Windorff Reg’d

Proud Breeder of quality rottweilers since 1993. My breeding program focuses on temperament, health and conformation. certified parents, written 2 yr guarantee on house raised puppies. Please contact Jackie Robson, 421564 Con 6, RR 1, Elmwood, On N0G 1S0.

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