Appearance: 18-24" (46-60 cm) 35-65 lb (16-30 kg) Long, harsh, stand-off weather-resistant outercoat. Short, thick, wooly undercoat. Neck ruff. White, biscuit, white and biscuit, cream.

UKC Ch. Snowybear’s Big Bang (Trek). Bred/Owned by Tina Gibson, Snowybear Perm. Reg’d.


Born in the bitterest regions of Russia and Siberia, north of the Arctic Circle, the Samoyed was an irreplaceable hunter, herder, sled dog and companion to the Samoyede people. The Samoyed was a member of the family and was allowed to live indoors when not herding reindeer or transporting people across the tundra. Europeans discovered this useful sled dog during their expeditions to the Arctic in the mid-1800s. In 1889, zoologist Ernest Kilburn-Scott spent time with the Samoyede people and took home several dogs, calling them Samoyeds. They quickly gained popularity with the nobility and were prized by expeditionary forces. The first dogs to explore Antarctica were Samoyeds. Despite their cold weather heritage, Samoyeds adjust well to warmer climates.


Always a family dog, the Samoyed is wonderful with all his people, young and old. He is easy-going and affectionate. Though he will bark at strangers, he is too friendly to be much of a guard dog. He likes to play and enjoys a daily run. While his thick coat makes him tolerant of cold weather, the Samoyed does not like to be left outdoors for long periods and prefers to be inside with his family.

Samoyed Breeders:

Snowybear Perm Reg’d

Home raised, happy puppies. Sound temperaments, hard working Samoyeds. All puppies vet checked. Breeding since 1986. 156 Cheapside Road, PO Box 135, Selkirk, ON N0A 1P0. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above.)

Phone: (905) 776-2115

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