Appearance: 9 ½-11 ½” (24.13-28 cm) 7-8 lb (3-3.36 kg) Black or black and tan, grey, red or other variations. Wiry coat, shaggy and longer on the legs and around eyes, nose and chin.


Interested in everyone and everything, the Affenpinscher is a social fellow who needs interaction with people, places and other animals. He is smart and attentive, so a stimulating environment brings out the best in him. As bold and stubborn as he is playful and charming, the Affenpinscher benefits from knowledgeable training.


In the 1600s, dogs resembling the Affenpinscher were bred in Germany to rid homes and stables of vermin. Over the next hundred years, selective breeding produced a slightly smaller dog with superb ratting skills and a lively, sociable nature. It’s likely the German Pinscher, the Schnauzer and the Pug all played a part in the development of this breed. The spirited, black-bearded terriers became part of the household — a position documented in European art from the 15th to 18th centuries. Studying the Affenpinscher’s bearded face, it’s easy to see the origin of the breed’s nickname: “Monkey Terrier”.

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