Bloodhound Breed Description

Appearance: 23-27” (58-69 cm) 80-110 lb (36-49.5 kg) 3 colours: black and tan, liver and tan, and red. White marking acceptable on chest, feet and tip of tail. Facial wrinkles and loose upper lips (or flews)


Lots! Extremely affectionate, sensitive – even shy, the Bloodhound needs company. An aristocrat who is not above being a clown, he makes a loyal family dog. They can, however, be a challenge to train because following a scent is his priority! A contained yard will keep him from following his nose into uninvited territory.


The Bloodhound can trace its ancestry to the Norman conquest of 1066. Originally from Belgium, the Schweisshund was crossed with Talbot Hounds and Southern Hounds to produce this superb tracking dog with the distinctive voice. This “king” among scent hounds was used by nobility to hunt stag. The breed’s name refers to the owners’ high status. The Bloodhound appeared on the English Kennel Club’s first register in 1873, and over a century later, it is still renowned for tracking criminals, fugitives and missing people.

Bloodhound Breeders:

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