Border Terrier


Appearance: 11-16" (28-50 cm) 11-16 lb (5-7 kg) Wiry, broken-looking outercoat with short dense undercoat. Black and tan, grizzle and tan, red, wheaten. May have white markings.


Like most terriers, the Border Terrier is a big dog in a small package. He is tough and full of energy while hunting and working, but calmer in the home than many other types of terrier. Obedient and affectionate, he is a pleasant family dog.


Like many breeds, the Border Terrier was originally bred for a purpose. A common problem for shepherds in Scottish-English border regions were foxes and other sheep-stealing animals. To counter this problem, they needed a dog fast enough to keep up with these animals but small enough to get into their dens. Concerned farmers from the Northumberland valley of Coquetdale worked to breed a dog long-legged enough to course with horses, yet short enough to be able to go to ground. These dogs were originally called Coquetdale or Reedwater Terriers after the locales where they lived and worked. They have the same ancestry as other terriers in northern England, and were hunted alongside Border Foxhounds. The Border Terrier first came to North America in the early 1900s.

Border Terrier Breeders:

Wimberway Kennels & Farm Perm. Reg’d

Puppies sometimes available. Stud Service to approved bitches. All adults have hip, elbow and eye clearances. Powassan, ON.

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