Briard Breed Description

Appearance: 22-27" (56-69 cm) 65-100 lb (29-46 kg) Long, hard shiny outercoat, slightly wavy and lying flat against the body. Fine tight undercoat. Moustache and beard. Black, shades of grey, tawny. May have white markings.


The Briard is known for having a strong, unique personality. Described as having a heart of gold wrapped in fur, he is an intelligent, sensitive dog who needs a consistent and caring person. With good socialization and considerate training, he makes a loving companion. Briards love children, have a strong sense of justice, and enjoy having a job to do.


Big, bold and intelligent, the Briard is an ancient breed of herding dog with origins in France. History is full of praise for this hardy breed. Famed personalities such as Charlemagne and Napoleon promoted the Briard. Thomas Jefferson, too, imported several as herding dogs for his extensive sheep flocks. The breed made superb sheepdogs and their bravery made them ideal working dogs for the French war effort – so much so that they were named the official dog of the French Army, used by troops as sentries, ammunition carriers, messengers, and medic dogs. Though the need for sheep-herding dogs has declined, the breed remains distinct and well-loved today.

Briard Breeders:

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