English Springer Spaniel


English Springer Spaniel Breed Description

Appearance: Medium-length, straight water-resistant outercoat. Short, soft dense undercoat. Moderate feathering. Black and white, liver and white, tricolour (liver or black and white with tan), blue or liver roan.

Photo courtesy of Nanjay Perm. Reg'd


Early spaniels were named according to their size and the jobs they did. The smallest were Cocker Spaniels, mid-sized were Field Spaniels, and the largest were Springer Spaniels. All three sizes could be born in the same litters, and sometimes dogs would change types as they outgrew their old standards. This proved confusing at times, and in the late 1800s the three types were separated and interbreeding banned. The English Springer Spaniel was officially named a breed in 1902. Breeders brought it to North America in 1907, where it faced difficult competition with pre-existing pointers and setters. Interest in the breed increased in 1922 when the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association was founded. Over time, a division between field-bred and show-bred lines developed; stronger working instincts and more white coverage are typical of working lines.


Thanks to their similar heritage, the English Springer Spaniel is much like the English Cocker Spaniel in personality. He is happy and easy-going, a quick learner, and deeply bonded to his family. He loves to swim and play, and is sure to end up wet if a pond or puddle can be found. With regular exercise, the Springer is ready to relax at home, enjoying a comfy snooze on his bed. Because of his deep family bond, the English Springer Spaniel does not like to be left alone at home.

English Springer Spaniel Breeders:

Roman Kennels

English Springer Spaniels (European blood lines, field and show style). 30 years of breeding, training and showing experience. Breeding healthy, intelligent dogs, willing to please, with all potential to become great family or hunting companion. Focusing on comeback of “roan color gene”, including liver roan and blue roan coat coloring. You are always welcome to contact us with your questions about these beautiful breed.

Phone: (905) 778‐3647(DOGS); (416) 917‐5293
Website: www.romansaly.com
Email: romansaly@gmail.com

Ruskate Reg’d

English Springer Spaniels ‐ Since 1989 ‐ Temperament‐Plus, Show/Companion Quality puppies ‐ With Classic Springer Style ‐ Written Guarantee ‐ Black and white, and liver and white raised with lots of TLC on fresh country sunshine. Like us on Facebook. 8667 10th Line Essa Township, RR#2, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 4S4

Phone: Bonnie Bristow (705) 733-5768
Website: www.ruskate-kennels.com
Email: bonniebristow@sympatico.ca

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