Field Spaniel


Field Spaniel Breed Description

Appearance: 17-18” (43-45.5 cm) 35-50 lb (16-22.5 kg) Moderately long, flat or wavy coat. Glossy with moderate feathering. Black, liver, golden-liver, mahogany red or roan. Tan markings acceptable.


For centuries, Spaniels (such as the Field Spaniel) have provided humans with companionship and performance. While smaller types enjoyed hearth and home, larger Spaniels flushed game from field and stream. It was only a dog’s size and job that determined a Spaniel “breed”. With the introduction of dog shows in mid-19th century Britain, breeders developed a more nuanced system. While some Spaniel types continued to work, the larger Field Spaniel found itself assigned to the show ring. The breed was a hit. But in trying to improve on perfection, breeders developed the well proportioned canine into an awkward, heavy headed dog. Health problems followed, and for a time, the breed fell out of favour. A century ago, committed breeders restored the Field Spaniel to his original build, sustaining the breed and meeting the standards that dog fanciers recognize and appreciate today.


The Field Spaniel’s sporting ancestry, coupled with an abiding love for “his people”, make the breed a desirable family dog. Calm and affectionate, he is also game for a romp. The Field Spaniel is intelligent, and adapts to an urban or country setting. The Field Spaniel is sensitive, so early gentle training ensures his affection will extend to strangers.

Field Spaniel Breeders:

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