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Originating in Lapland (the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia), the Finnish Spitz, also known as the Lapinkoira, was a hunting dog who tracked large prey such as bear and elk. For many years the breed remained pure, but as technology and transportation improved, Lapland dogs spread southwards and interbred with local dog populations. Crossbreeding deteriorated the breed so much that by 1880 the Lapinkoira was nearly extinct. Finnish breed fanciers searched the northern regions for purebred examples of the breed, and by the 1890s began a concerted effort to recreate the pure Finnish Spitz.The original dogs were used to hunt large game, but modern Finnish Spitz are primarily bird dogs. Called the “barking bird dog”, he has a unique hunting style in which he alerts hunters to where he finds the birds with a continuous bark, called a yodel.


Reserved with strangers, yet playful and even clownish with friends, the Finnish Spitz is a vocal breed who likes to make his presence known. He is highly loyal to his people, and can be protective at times. Early socialization helps him feel comfortable with new people, though he will always show caution among strangers. Like many hunting breeds, the Finnish Spitz is an athlete, and makes an excellent jogging companion as long as the weather isn’t too hot.

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