Wire Fox Terrier


Wire Fox Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: Up to 15.5" (40 cm) Up to 18 lb (8 kg) Wiry, hard dense outercoat. Soft dense undercoat. Mostly white with black, black and tan, or tan markings.


The Wire Fox Terrier has been around since the early days of mounted fox hunts. Hounds were used to scent and follow prey, but were not suited to taking the fox in its den. For this, hunters would carry a Fox Terrier in a sack or box as they rode, letting him out when the fox had gone to ground so he could pursue the small animal into its den and chase it out. The breed existed for many years before being defined in the late 1800s when dog shows became popular. Two varieties of the breed were recognized – the smooth coated and wire coated. The ancestry of each is likely different, with the Greyhound, Beagle and Bull Terrier founding the Smooth Fox Terrier, and the now extinct Welsh Black and Tan Terrier founding the Wire Fox Terrier. Despite their differing origins, the two varieties were not recognized as separate breeds in North America until the 1980s.


Alert and active, the Wire Fox Terrier is a fun dog to have around the home. He is a hunter at heart and should be watched with smaller pets that might be considered prey. Early socialization helps him become more confident and easy to manage when confronted with new people and situations. He is quite intelligent and with positive training can do well in obedience or agility. The Wire Fox Terrier gets quite attached to his people, prefers to not be left alone for long periods, and can be a bit of a barker.

Wire Fox Terrier Breeders:

Paigewyre Reg’d

Quality home raised puppies and adults occasionally for pet or show. Stud service available. Health guaranteed. 938 1st St, Estevan, SK S4A 0G6.

Phone: Patricia E Garling (306) 634‐1252
Website: www.paigewyre.com
Email: paigewyre@sasktel.net


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