German Shepherd Dog


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Intelligent and poised, the German Shepherd Dog is prized for his quick-thinking, brave and observant nature. He is easy to train, and loves to work. To stay happy, he needs regular exercise for both mind and body. German Shepherds make great family dogs, and do well with children.


One of the world’s best known breeds, the German Shepherd Dog was created by Rittmeister Max von Stephanitz. In the 1890s, von Stephanitz sought to create a superb German herding dog. He selected the best dogs from local farm stock, and the result was the German Shepherd. When the need for herding dogs decreased, von Stephanitz continued promoting his breed by encouraging the military and police to use them. They did so well that 48,000 German Shepherds were enlisted in the German Army during World War I. The German Shepherd’s intelligence and versatility have kept him popular, despite the boycotting of German breeds during the First and Second World Wars. He now is used for many purposes including police work, search and rescue, scent discrimination, guide and assistance duties and military work. He is also a prized companion dog.

German Shepherd Dog Breeders:

Burgimwald Reg’d

Excellent temperament with high drive and happy disposition living on our forested 60 acre estate. Our dogs are from Germany’s top world famous bloodlines. Zamp, Farbenspiel, 14 generations of Trienzbachtal bloodlines and many more. All of our dogs are Canadian Champions. Home of champion dog, Diesel vom Burgimwald, co-star of CityTV’s Hudson & Rex. Our puppies are outstanding. Born and raised in our home puppy nursery. Puppy inquiries welcome. Barrie, ON. Young dogs and trained adults from Germany available occasionally. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement above)

Phone: Call Erwin at (705) 333-8888

Lindenhof Reg’d

50 years of experience training & breeding dogs. Stud service available. 804 Stewartville Rd, RR 2, Arnprior, ON K7S 3G8.

Cell Phone: Charlie Schmidt (613) 622-5599

Sanhedrin Reg’d

Quality home raised puppies from sound, health champion & obedience OFA certified clear stock. Our dogs do well in Obedience & Shows, but most of all, are loving family companions. 8676 Hwy 9, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0.

Cell Phone: Janice Armstrong-Purnell & Murray Purnell (416) 441-3724

Backstromhus Reg’d

askatchewan dog breeders Saskatchewan
Bred for soundness, loyalty, athleticism and intelligence. Home raised puppies are good with children and make excellent companions. They do well in obedience, tracking and protection work. All breeding stock is health checked working or VA lines from Germany. Guarantee provided. Stud service and custom importing available. Saskatoon, SK.

Phone: Edith Norling (306) 653-2324


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