Monday, May 20, 2019

Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter Breed Description

Appearance: 23-27 in (58.5-68.5 cm) 45-80 lbs (20.5-36.5 kg) Soft coat is either straight or slightly wavy. Shiny black fur with tan markings. Long, soft ears.

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The Gordon Setter is a descendant of the setting spaniels that were popular in 15th century Scotland. The black and tan setting dogs were crossed with local dogs to create unique breeds that were suitable for the harsh Scottish terrain. It was the Fourth Duke of Gordon, Alexander, who set the foundation for the Gordon Setter. His kennel dogs became excellent bird hunting dogs, since they had the ability to stealthily track and alert hunters to the location of birds without startling the birds into flight. In the mid-1800s, two direct descendants of the Duke of Gordon’s kennels came to North America and the development of the breed was refined.


Both patient and adventurous, the Gordon Setter has all the makings of a good family dog. His loyal qualities make him a decent guard dog, but he is also gentle and affectionate. While he is in his element when on hunting excursions, hiking, long walks, and swimming will also keep him happy. He also enjoys sports, but is known more for his stamina than his speed. Training and socialization can be quite enjoyable with Gordon Setters, since they tend to be well-mannered and sensible.

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