Greyhound Breed Description

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The Greyhound is one of the world’s oldest breeds. It dates back to nearly 3000 BC when its image appeared in ancient Egyptian carvings, although the first real description of the breed didn’t appear until 43 BC, when an ancient Roman named Ovid wrote about these sleek hunting dogs. The Greyhound has changed very little since those early times. These fast, streamlined dogs were for royalty only, and originally used as sight hounds for hunting every type of game from hare to deer to foxes. It wasn’t until just over 200 years ago that Greyhound coursing became popular. Greyhounds were brought to North America by Spanish explorers in the 1500s and were among the first dogs to be recorded at American dog shows in the late 19th century. Among the famous personalities who own Greyhounds are George Washington and General Custer.


Beautiful, lean and lively, the Greyhound is today mostly valued as a companion animal. Not surprisingly, he’s the fastest of dog breeds and relies on sight and speed to make his way through the world. He has a sweet nature and makes a loving pet.

Greyhound Breeders:

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