Brussels Griffon


Appearance: 7-8" (18-20 cm) 7-13 lb (3-6 kg) Rough: wiry, hard dense coat. Beard and moustache. Smooth: short, straight glossy coat. Black, red, reddish-brown, or black with reddish-brown markings.


Distinguished by his human-like face, the Brussels Griffon is a bright, confident and curious imp. He bonds strongly with his person and can be shy with strangers, so benefits from early socialization. Intelligent, affectionate and sensitive, the Brussels Griffon needs an owner who trains in a positive manner and is attentive to his needs.


In the past, stable masters often had problems with rats that thrived off spilled grain left by horses as they ate. To counter this problem, fierce ratters like the Affenpinscher were common in stables. These dogs came to be known as Griffon D’Ecurie, or Stable Griffons. Lively and friendly, they were often taken along for rides as the coachmen left the stables for their duties. Nobles saw these cute canine companions and soon took them into their own homes as pets. Over time, other breeds such as Pugs and Toy Spaniels were crossed with Stable Griffons, giving them a higher skull and smaller size. Three varieties of coat and type developed: the rough red became known as the Brussels Griffon. The First and Second World Wars were hard on the Brussels Griffon. Fortunately, the breed was preserved in both Europe and in North America.

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CALGARY’S home of the Brussels Griffon. “Take the Rough with the Smooth” Over 25+ years in this wonderful people friendly loving breed. Pets and show prospects, all colours…Many Champions in Europe/Canada/USA. Manitoba Registered.

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We breed for quality, health and excellent temperament. Well socialized and home-raised from pups, we carefully breed from Champion bloodlines and produce show and loving family companions. We occasionally have smooth coats but rough coats are our specialty. Inquires welcome.

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