Havanese Breed Description

Appearance: 8.5-11.5" (21-29 cm) 7-14 lb (3-6.5 lb) Long, silken, flat, wavy or curly outercoat. Wooly underdeveloped undercoat. All colours.

Mother and Daughter, Roxie and Ella diving. Producing Havanese that are more than just companions, including therapy dogs. Bred/Owned by Nathan & Darla Potechin, Talemakers Havanese.


A descendant of one of many “small white dogs” of Bichon type, the Havanese was developed on the island of Cuba. The hot climate and customs of the region produced a smaller breed with a unique silken coat, which people called the Blanquito de la Habana or the Havanese Silk Dog. The breed’s silken hairs insulated the dogs, protecting them from the heat and sun. The breed caught the eye of Europeans in the mid-1700s. Queen Victoria, a great fancier of unusual dogs, was said to have owned two Havanese. Charles Dickens also owned one named Tim. In Cuba, the breed went from being a favourite of the sugar barons to a popular family dog among the bourgeois. The Cuban revolution might have spelled the end of the breed, except for a handful of dogs that escaped with refugees to the United States. American breeders purchased the dogs to keep the breed from dying out. These 11 dogs became the founders of the breed as we now know it.


The cheerful, loving Havanese is an easy breed to fall in love with. He is outgoing and friendly, though alert and willing to warn his people of danger. He is a Velcro dog who needs to be with his people at all times. A natural show-off, the Havanese loves to play and wants to be the center of attention. Training is easy and the Havanese loves to learn new tricks.

Havanese Breeders:

Havanese Fanciers of CanadaHavanese Fanciers of Canada Havanese Dog Breeders Canada

Cuddly long-haired lap-sized charmers with endearing sunny dispositions/ Learn more about this special breed at the Havanese Fanciers of Canada website, home of the CKC-recognized national breed club. Breeder contacts, breed information, puppy buying tips, rescue, heartwarming stories, outstanding breed publications, newsletter, Havanese happenings and more.

Website: www.havanesefanciers.com

MistyTrails Havanese Reg’dMistyTrails Havanese Reg’d Havanese Dog Breeder Canada

British Columbia
CKC Premium Registered Vet referred Breeders – Outstanding top quality kitchen raised puppies. World Champion + Pure Cuban bloodlines. Westminster Winner, Multi Best-in-Show + Multi Top Havanese in the country for several years. Bred for health, temperament, structure, and longevity. All dogs are ANNUALLY health-tested, with results posted ONLINE + Vet files are open. Show, Pet-Companion, Agility, Therapy puppies occasionally available. Experience on your side. Bev, MistyTrails Havanese of Box 343, Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L0. View our other Puppy News website!

Phone: (250) 743-5370; Cell: (250) 709-1805
Website: www.mistytrails.ca or www.wix.com/mistytrails/pups
Email: mistytrails@uniserve.com

Seantiago Havanese Reg’d

British Columbia
CKC registered breeders of quality companion Havanese. Our puppies are bred for health and temperament, are kitchen raised, well socialized and receive first set of shots. Full vet health check‐up and registered with the CKC. Our adults are health tested annually and certified. Located on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Phone: (250) 984‐1310
Website: www.seantiagohavanese.com
Email: seantiago@telus.net

Bonnieview Reg’d

Mount Forest, ON. Also a breeder of Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles. See website for available puppies.

Phone: Lorraine Gravelle-Bain (519) 323-6071
Website: www.bonnieviewkennels.ca
Email: dlbain@bonnieviewkennels.ca

Everspring Reg’d

Member of the Canadian Kennel Club. Puppies bred for health and temperament. Puppies will be registered with the CKC. Puppies will be dewormed, vet checked, micro-chipped and will have had their first set of shots prior to going to their new homes. Tweed is between Ottawa and Toronto, just north of Belleville. Can deliver your puppy to Ottawa or Toronto. Tweed, ON K0K 2J0

Phone: (613) 478-1881
Website: www.everspringhavanese.com
Email: jswayze@sympatico.ca

Joyaseda Reg’d

World renowned, home raised, health and DNA tested, CKC registered pups for show or pet.

Phone: Sigrid Erdmann (519) 733-0605
Website: www.havanesebreeder.org
Email: joyasedahavanese@hotmail.com

Matalsha Companions

Exceptional quality home raised puppies. Health and temperament are our priorities. Our adorable affectionate companions are lovingly raised, CKC registered and have a health guarantee. Holstein, ON N0G 2A0.

Phone: Darlene Eckhardt (519) 334-3923
Website: www.matalshacompanions.com
Email: matalsha@hotmail.com

Talemaker Havanese

Member of Havanese Fanciers Club of Canada. Toronto, ON.

Phone: Darlah and Nathan Potechin (905) 372-4183
Website: www.talemakerhavanese.com
Email: darlah@potechin.com or nathan@potechin.com