Iceland Sheepdog


Iceland Sheepdog Breed Description

Appearance: 16-18" (40-46 cm) 20-30 lb (9-13.5 kg) Shorthaired: medium-length, straight or wavy, weatherproof outercoat with thick soft undercoat. Neck ruff. Longhaired: longerlength, straight or wavy, weatherproof outercoat with thick soft undercoat. Neck ruff. Tan shades, chocolate, brown, grey, black. White markings. Tan and grey dogs have black mask.

Pineridgice Meyja. Affectionate, intelligent, friendly temperament, loyal companion, hardy and healthy and ideal family pet. Trainable as a working and/or therapy dog. Bred/owned by Jill Fike, Pineridge Icelandics. Reg’d. 1049 Hepburn Road, Chase, B.C., V0E 1M1 (250)679-3540


Brought to Iceland with the Vikings in 880 CE, the Iceland Sheepdog is a hardy breed greatly influenced by the harsh environment it developed in. Prized for its ability to herd and guard sheep in the hostile terrain of Iceland, the breed is known for its ability to scent lost sheep, even when buried in over a foot of snow. The Iceland Sheepdog gained some popularity in England during the Middle Ages, but because of import and export restrictions, it has remained a very pure breed. Though decimated over the centuries because of famine, a distemper epidemic, and disfavour, the breed avoided extinction thanks in part to Mark Watson, an Englishman who lived in California. From 1930 to 1970, he exported several of these dogs and worked to rebuild the decimated breed. In 1969, the Icelandic Kennel Club was founded to watch over the breed and promote its place in Iceland’s history.


The Iceland Sheepdog is an alert and active dog. He’s also vocal, with a unique herding style that involves barking to alert the shepherd to his location. He is playful and friendly and adores children. As a working breed, he requires lots of exercise to keep him happy and enjoys learning new things.

Iceland Sheepdog Breeders:

Pineridge Reg’d

British Columbia
Pineridge Reg’d, Jill Fike. Family raised puppies for 20 years, bred for unique breed characteristics. Show, working, breeding and family pets. Health guarantee. 1049 Hepburn Road, Chase, BC V0E 1M1.

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