Appearance: 17-18" (43-46 cm) 55-66 lb (25-30 kg) Long, straight harsh outercoat. Thick downy undercoat. Neck ruff. Mixture of black, grey and cream


The Keeshond is an ancient, Spitztype breed originating in the Netherlands. The Kees or Spitz “honds”, as they were known, were common watchdogs that cared for the wagons, carts and barges used to transport goods. In 1781, Holland was divided into two political factions: the Orangists and the rebellious Dutch Patriots, who adopted the breed as their emblem. When the rebels were defeated, people were afraid to be seen with this trademark symbol of the rebellion, and many Keeshonds were discarded. Farmers and barge owners quietly retained these useful dogs, however, and continued to breed them. When Baroness van Hardenbroek took interest in the Keeshond in 1920, she was amazed to find the farmers and bargemen had kept the breed type intact and even maintained studbooks to track their dogs’ genealogy. Soon the Keeshond was recognized throughout Holland, and by the 1930s it made its way into Europe and North America.


Sometimes called the “laughing Dutchman”, the Keeshond is an outgoing family-friendly dog. He thrives on affection and loves to be a part of family life. A vocal watchdog, he is playful and learns quickly as long as there is sufficient motivation to learn. Cuddly and full of cheer, the Keeshond is excellent with children, and dedicated to his family.

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