Kleiner Munsterlander


Kleiner MunsterlanderBreed Description

Appearance: 20-22” (52-54 cm) 33-64 lb (15-29 kg) Medium-length, dense, close-lying, water repellent coat. Brown-white or brown roan with brown patches, brown mantle, or brown ticking.

Jago Vom Grenzwall. NAVHDA field tested. Prize 1 Natural Ability in versatility. Bred by Von Der Linde Reg’d. Owned by Ralf Bothe. RR 2, Queensville, ON. www.smallmunsterlanders.net


The Kleiner Munsterlander Vorstehhund originated 500 years ago in Münsterländer, northwest Germany, where they were used to retrieve birds killed by falcons. Over time, as bird dogs became more specialized, the Kleiner (or Small) Münsterländer’s versatility was less valued, and the breed nearly died out. This changed when commoners were allowed to hunt freely, and a small dog that could hunt both bird and small game became an essential source of food and income. The Kleiner Münsterländers’ flexibility and aptitude for hunting made them highly valuable to their owners, who kept them close to home and family.

While the breed remains rare, its recognition as a versatile and effective hunting and birding dog, as well as a kind and even-tempered family pet, continue to bring it a new popularity.


Happy and outgoing, the Kleiner Münsterländer is an exceptional hunting dog. He works closely with his handler, and then happily returns home to relax with his family. Eager to please, and quite intelligent, the Münsterländer is quick to learn. He is successful in a variety of dog sports like obedience and agility.

Kleiner Munsterlander Breeders:

Von Der Linde Reg’d

Ralf Bothe. Breeder of premium Small Münsterländers. German imports of high performance breeding of the truly versatile German hunting dog. Specializing in pointing, tracking and retrieving and a great family pet! Started gun dogs available on request. NAVHDA NA tested. Training and assistance available on site. 21133 Kennedy Rd, RR 2, Queensville, ON L0G 1R0. (See our Breed Ambassador advertisement at left.)

Phone: (905) 473-9395
Website: www.smallmunsterlanders.net
Email: ralf.bothe@xplornet.com