Komondor Breed Description

Appearance: 23.5-31.5 inches (59.5-80 cm) 80-134.5 lb (36.5-61 kg) Long, coarse and curly outer coat that is groomed into cords, with a wooly, soft, and dense undercoat. Colour is white.


An ancient breed, the Komondor is a descendant of the ovtcharkas, which made the trip with the Magyars over a thousand years ago. Commonly known as the Kom, this dog was an expert at guarding flocks, as his corded coat could withstand the harsh elements as well as bites from predators. The Kom was bred to think for itself, and little training was required to teach him how to determine what and who was a threat to the flock. As a working dog, the Kom is often matted and shaggy, and looks much like the sheep he guards. After Koms came to the U.S. in the 1930s, people took an interest in grooming and showing the breed. The groomed coat takes the form of long, white cords that give the Kom a look that is very much distinct from most other dogs.


Tough, serious and loyal, the Komondor is an excellent guard dog, and looking after his family makes him feel important. He is affectionate with family members, including children, and responds very well to positive training and praise. As an unusually intelligent dog, the Komondor can quickly determine whether someone’s intentions are good or bad, so positivity within his household is a must. Strong, large, and muscular, the Komondor makes a great companion for long walks and hikes and enjoys many athletic activities.

Komondor Breeders:

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