Appearance: 26-30" (66-76 cm) 66-137 lb (30-62 kg) Medium-coarse, wavy or straight outercoat. Fine wooly outercoat. Neck ruff. White or ivory.


For thousands of years, nomadic Magyar tribes brought guard dogs with them as they moved into the land now known as Hungary. Likely descended from the ancient Tibetan Mastiff, Kuvasz is believed to have guarded herds of horses. In addition to guarding, these brave and loyal dogs ran alongside warriors as they went into battle, and took down dangerous prey such as wild boar. Settlers in Hungary favoured the Kuvasz for guarding sheep in the wetter mountainous regions. In North America, the breed gained popularity in the 1920s as a patrol dog and guardian of livestock out west. Because the breed was such a formidable guard dog, German and Soviet soldiers in World War II killed them rather than risking a fight. Only some 30 Kuvasz were thought to remain by the end of the war. After the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, fresh interest arose in the national breed, and dedicated breeders worked to bring it back from near extinction.


Intensely loyal and dedicated to his family, the Kuvasz remains a guardian breed. He is wary of strangers, and will protect his family should he feel it’s threatened. Careful socialization is essential. Like most working dogs, he is happiest when he has a job.

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