Labrador Retriever


Appearance: 21-25" (54-62 cm) 55-80 lb (25-37 kg) Short, straight dense outercoat. Soft weatherresistant undercoat. Black, yellow, chocolate.

This is Finn. He is proving to be an awesome bird dog. He is a pup from 2019. His parents are Cali & Cooper. Cali is a sweet girl that loves to lay at your feet and is intelligent. She loves people. Cooper is retired living his best life. Cooper is also very intelligent and loves people. He is helping his owner teach one of his sons to hunt. Bred/Owned by Goshen Ridge Reg’d.


One of two breeds originating in North America, the Labrador Retriever is possibly descended from native dogs that interbred with those arriving in the 1600s with European fishing vessels. Like the Newfoundland, the Labrador is a hardy breed uniquely designed to withstand the difficult climate of Canada’s coastline. Often called the Lesser St. John’s Dog, Labradors had thick water-resistant coats with longish wavy fur, and a thick undercoat. Smaller than the Newfoundland, the Labrador had excellent retrieving abilities, and became popular with waterfowl hunters worldwide. His type and talents were so desirable that the Labrador was used in many breeding programs, producing breeds such as the Flat-Coated, Chesapeake Bay and Golden Retrievers. Though the breed originated in Canada, the first Labrador Retrievers registered in Canada were found on the west coast, and were imported from the US and England. But the breed soon gained popularity in Canada and now stands as the most popular dog in the world.


Perhaps a perfect family dog, the Labrador Retriever is known for his sensible, affectionate, even-tempered nature and his intelligence and willingness to please. He is highly trainable and excels in a wide range of sports. An energetic dog, the Labrador needs a good run to work off steam, as well as things to do to keep his mind occupied. He is friendly with other animals, and excellent with kids.

Labrador Retriever Breeders:

Whiterobin Kennels

British Columbia
All puppies come Canadian Kennel Club registered, 1st set of shots, dew claws done, de‐wormed, micro-chipped, some crate conditioning, very well socialized, a health guarantee, and 6 weeks pet insurance. We are here for you, offering our support to provide you with our care and attention to assist you in raising a well‐mannered puppy which will become a well-mannered adult dog. We offer LIFETIME return policy and LIFETIME support for you and your new family member. Princeton, BC

Phone: Cynthia White (250) 295- 7939

Devonsleigh Kennels

1280 Webster Road, Norwood, ON

Phone: Joanne Fernall (705) 639-1210

Goshen Ridge Reg’d

Goshen Ridge Reg’d, Ken & Cathy Pellizzari. Reg’d Breeders of quality black, chocolate, yellow & fox red Labrador Retrievers. Well temperamented for a family. Also great for hunting, agility, or fly ball. 565 Goshen Road, Tillsonburg, ON. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement at above.)

Phone: (519) 842-0960 Cathy or (519) 688-8815 Ken