Monday, May 20, 2019


Maltese Breed Description

Appearance: 7.5-10" (19-25 cm) 6-9 lb (2.5-4 kg) Long, flat silky coat. Pure white. Light tan or lemon markings permissible.


The Maltese are believed to be the oldest European Toy breed. Whether the name comes from the Island of Malta or the Sicilian town of Melita, the breed was widespread in the Mediterranean from ancient times, appearing as art objects as early as 3,000 years ago. The breed may have arrived in Britain with the Roman invaders, or with the returning Crusaders. Many famous Royals owned one of these dogs, including Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. When Maltese were introduced to the dog show world in the mid-1800s, a debate arose over the correct classification of the breed. Was he a terrier, due to his lively personality, or did his body type and coat make him a spaniel? Eventually, breeders concluded the Maltese was in a class of his own.


Spirited, mischievous and undeniably adorable, the Maltese has a personality as big as he is small. He loves to play and thrives on attention. Happy to play with children, as long as they are not too rough, he delights in learning new tricks and finding ways to entertain and be entertained. He’s also an alert and fearless watchdog.

Maltese Breeders:

Carboncopy Perm. Reg’d

Kathy Slifka. 20 Minutes South of Calgary. Over 30 years experience breeding toy dogs. All dogs raised in our home. Box 764, Black Diamond, AB T0L 0H0.

Phone: (403) 938-0990

Pieridae Reg’d

Donant-Mercer Robin. Quality, home-raised puppies available occasionally. RR 1, Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0.

Phone: (905) 797-3074

EverDear Perm Reg’d

We are passionate and dedicated to producing what we call our, Marvellous Maltese, companions that are true to the breed standard. Puppies range in size from very small to regular toys. Each puppy receives the correct veterinarian care with checkups, needles and microchips, and of course they are all lavished with love! Puppies are sired by American Canadian Double Champion. Ask about transportation options. New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P

Phone: (705) 647-6394

Four Halls Perm Reg’d

Fierheller Vicki. A small highly respected hobby show kennel with a tradition of quality, not quantity. Puppies from our champions are available occasionally. Inquiries welcome. Ajax/Pickering area.

Phone: (905) 619-2750