Manchester Terrier


Manchester Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: Standard: 15-16” (38-41 cm) 12-22 lb (5.5-10 kg) Toy: 10-12 “ (25-30 cm) under 12 lb (5.5 kg) Short, smooth glossy coat. Distinct black and tan without dilution.


The ultimate ratter, the Manchester Terrier is descended from the common Black and Tan Terriers of England. He was bred entirely for the blood sport of ratting, in which a terrier would be pitted against 100 rats and timed to see how quickly he could dispatch them. Breeders worked to improve the dog’s performance, firstby adding the Bulldog for its tenacity and ability to work through pain, then adding the Whippet, for its speed and agility. The resulting breed was lean, fast, tenacious and an incredible ratter. Two major events greatly affected the breed in the late 1800s: blood sports and ear cropping, which protected the dogs from rat bites, were banned (and many people did not like the dog with natural ears). Fortunately, the dog show world worked to maintain its unique type and namesake colour. Toy and standard sizes are available.


Fast, fun, playful and loyal, the Manchester Terrier makes for a spirited companion. Still a ratter at heart, he loves to “kill” small toys, playing vigorously and enjoying games of chase. He is intelligent and benefits from consistent training.

Manchester Terrier Breeders:

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