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One of the very few dogs indigenous to North America, the Newfoundland’s exact genealogy is the subject of much debate. Some believe the ancient Tibetan Mastiff migrated to North America; others argue that Leif Anderson brought Viking “bear dogs” with him when he arrived in Newfoundland in 1001. Other possible progenitors of the breed are Portuguese Water Dogs and Great Pyrenees brought to the Canadian province on European fishing vessels in the 1600s. Whatever the answer, fishermen prized the huge water-loving dogs known as Greater St. John’s Dogs. Seemingly immune to icy waters, the  breed’s duties included hauling in nets, dragging boat lines to shore, and rescuing overboard sailors. The Newfoundland is famed for his bravery, but despite the breed’s success, it nearly died out because a law passed in 1780 forbade the ownership of more than one dog. The breed may not have survived if not for the efforts of the Honourable Harold MacPherson.


A giant goofball, the Newfoundland is perhaps the most gentle of all giant breeds. He adores children, is even-tempered, supremely loyal, responsive and willing to be trained. His entire purpose is to serve his people, and he’s a truly honest and hardworking dog that excels in sports such as obedience, water trials, weight pulling, carting and backpacking.

Newfoundland Breeders:

Prairie Home Newfoundlands Perm Reg’d

Prairie Home Newfoundlands Perm. Reg’d, Heidi Ball. Family‐raised Newfoundlands. We breed for gentleness and health from quality champion lines. CKC‐registered and wellsocialized blacks. Parents are OFA certified (hips/elbows/heart/cystinuria/ patellas and thyroid). Puppies to pre‐approved homes only, with ongoing support. This includes vet checked/vaccinations, wormed, microchipped and a well‐prepared puppy package. Stud services available. Grooming facility available. Visitors always welcomed! Box 3067, Vermilion, AB T9X 2B1.

Phone: Heidi Ball (306) 946-6630

Ashmoor Reg’d

Quality Newfoundlands from Canadian/American champion bloodlines. Our focus is raising healthy dogs, with sweet gentle temperaments in our home, and always with a holistic approach! Parents have passed all health clearances and are OFA certified for hips, elbows, patellas, heart, eyes, cystinuria and thyroid. All puppies are screened by a certified cardiologist before going to their homes. Visitors welcome by appointment. Member of the CKC, NDCC and NDCA. RR4, Cobourg, ON, K9A 4J7.

Phone: Jill Francis (905) 377-1140

Élevage Noir & Blanc

Rollande Rainville. Chiots élevés en milieu familial. Parents certifiés OFA : hanches, coudes, cœur, cystinuerie, thyroïde, yeux, patellar. Garantie écrite santé et tempérament. Visiteurs bienvenue. Puppies raised in a family environment. Parents are OFA certified : hips, elbow, heart, cystinuria, eyes, patellar. Health and temperament come with a written warranty. Visitors are welcome. Ste-Eulalie, QC.

Phone: (819) 470-8391


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