Norfolk Terrier


Norfolk Terrier Breed Description

Appearance: 9-10" (23-26 cm) 11-12 lb (5-5.5 kg) Straight, wiry close-lying outercoat. Definite undercoat. Mane. Slight whiskers. All shades of red, wheaten, black and tan, grizzle. Folded ears.


Like many terriers, the Norfolk Terrier likely started out as a cross between various breeds such as small Irish Terriers, Cairn Terriers and Border Terriers. They were “ordinary” farm dogs bred to go to ground and take care of vermin, so it took time for the breed to acquire its current name. Some incarnations include Cantabs, Trumpington Terriers, and Jones Terriers (after Frank “Roughrider” Jones sold some to the U.S. sporting crowd). In 1904, when asked what the dogs were really called, Jones answered “Norwich Terriers”, since that was where they came from. At the time, there were two intermingled varieties of Norwich Terrier — prick-eared and fold-eared. Over time, breeders decided to separate the types. They kept the name Norwich Terrier for the prick-eared variety and renamed the fold-eared dogs Norfolk Terriers. The new names were recognized in 1964.


Feisty and energetic, the Norfolk is one of the smallest terriers. Because he was used to hunt in packs, he’s quite social and agreeable. He is a great traveler and loves to spend lots of time with his family. Socialization is important but this should be natural for such a sociable guy.

Norfolk Terrier Breeders:

Dralion Perm Reg’d

Quality, healthy, lovingly home-raised puppies from champion bloodlines. Bred for soundness, health and temperament. Occasionally available to approved homes. 474237 County Road 11, Amaranth, ON L9W 0R4.

Phone: Peter & Linda Dowdle (519) 938-8663

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