Norwegian Elkhound


Appearance: 19-21" (49-52 cm) 44-55 lb (20-25 kg) Medium-length, coarse smooth-lying outercoat. Soft, dense wooly undercoat. Various shades of grey.


The national dog of Norway, the Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed that hasn’t changed much over the last 5,000 years. A supreme hunter, the Elkhound works to track and quarry his game, holding it at bay until the human hunters arrive to dispatch it. In Norwegian, the breed is called the Elghund, or “Moose” hound. In fact, the Elkhound was used to hunt moose and many other large animals including wolves, bear and even mountain lions. He was also an all-around working dog, pulling sleds and guarding homes and flocks. Though just one of many moose and bear dogs at the time, the Norwegian Elkhound came into his own in 1865 when foundation sire Gamle Bamse Gram was born. Considered ideal for the Gray Elkhound, his build and type became the breed standard in 1887. The Norwegian Elkhound came to North America in the early 20th century.


Brave and even-tempered, the Norwegian Elkhound is an all-around companion. He is a good watchdog who will alert to strangers by barking and quickly discern the difference between friend and foe. With his family, he is kind and affectionate. Like most working dogs, the Norwegian Elkhound is happiest when he has a job, be it tracking, pulling sleds, herding or doing agility. Good socialization with other dogs is important.

Norwegian Elkhound Breeders:

Overscaig Perm Reg’d

Allen and Nina Tait. As hobby breeders for 40 years, we have always “bred the best” (including Norwegian Imports) to maintain the breed’s unique type, soundness, temperament. We breed 1-2 litters/year. Our puppies are healthy; home-raised; well socialized. They all go to “forever” homes – with health guarantee and continuing breeder support.

Phone: (403) 886-2649

Vigeland Reg’d

British Columbia
Norman Vig & Sheila Robertson. Quality CKC Registered Norwegian Elkhounds for over 50 years. Contact us for information about future puppies and/or the occasional adult Elkhound. Happy, healthy all around great dogs. (See our Breed Ambassador Advertisement above.)

Phone: (867) 668-3885