Papillon Breed Description

Appearance: 8-11" (20-28 cm) Under 5.5 lb-11 lb (2.5-4.5 kg) Long, straight, fine flowing coat. Chest frill. Feathering, particularly on ears. Parti-colour or tricolour with patches of any colour on white.


The Papillon is a long-standing favourite of royalty and is depicted in paintings dating back to the 13th century. Likely descended from toy spaniels, these cheerful little dogs earned their name from their unique ears. Pricked ears were named Papillon, after the butterfly, while folded ears were named Phalene, after the night moth. Drop ears prevailed until the late 1800s when fashions changed and pricked ears were favoured. Though historically a lap dog, the breed is also remarkably agile and trainable. In recent times, the breed’s popularity has increased as the dogs excel in obedience, agility, tracking, and as hearing ear or therapy dogs.


Bubbly and full of life, the Papillon is a social dog who loves to get out and about. Early socialization helps him stay confident with new situations and strangers. With his high energy levels and intelligence, the Papillon is happiest when he has things to do and is an excellent choice for obedience or agility. He is a quick learner and loves to try new things.

Papillon Breeders:

Bluechip Perm. Reg’d

Breeding for health, temperament and correct breed characteristics. Bluechip Papillons are loving companions, intelligent top notch performance dogs, and beautiful conformation champions. Parents are health tested. Puppies are wormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and health guaranteed. They are ready to become happy members of your family! Breeding since 1997.

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