Pharoah Hound


Appearance: 21-25” (53.5-63.5 cm) 45-55 lb (20.5-25 kg) Short, glossy, rich tan colour coat with white markings. Eyes, eye rims, nose and lip colour blend with coat colour. Nose and ears “blush” when excited.


One of the most ancient of domesticated dogs, the Pharoah Hound originated in Egypt. Phoenician traders brought the breed to Malta in exchange for goods, and there the breed continued unadulterated for more than 2,000 years. A sight and scent hound, the dog hunted fowl, hare and rabbit and was known in his native land as the Kelb tal-Fenek (Maltese Rabbit Dog). When the breed arrived in the UK in the 1920s, fans thought these exceptionally elegant dogs resembled the Egyptian dog-god, Anubis, so they were renamed Pharoah Hounds. Arriving in North America in 1967, the firs Pharoah Hound litter on this side of the Atlantic was born in 1970. The breed’s distinctive colouring, and the fact that it remains odourless, is renewing interest.


The Pharoah hound is good-humoured and affectionate, especially with children. He is an intelligent dog who is easy to train. True to his ancestry, the active breed loves the excitement of agility and lure coursing, but when he is not hunting, he is a calm and attuned member of the family. A safe, secured area will allow the Pharoah Hound to exercise and indulge his playful side.

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