German Wire-Haired Pointer


German Wire-Haired Pointer Breed Description

Appearance: 22-26” (55.8-66 cm) 45-75 lb (20.5-34 kg) Wiry coat of solid liver, liver roan, or liver and white. Bushy eyebrows, beard and whiskers bestow character.


While several types of gundog existed in late 19th century Germany, hunters wanted an even more rugged breed. It is believed that they crossed the German Short-haired Pointer with either the Airedale, the Poodle, or the Griffon, resulting in a sort of all-terrain canine who could track all kinds of game. The German Wire-haired Pointer is more rugged than his short-haired cousin; he has a weather-resistant coat, and rates high in courage and stamina. The breed came to North America in the 1920s, but was not registered until much later. In its native Germany, the “Drahthaar” breed club demands breeders meet conformation and performance tests, which accounts for some variation between the European and the North American types.


Energetic and eager to please, the German Wire-Haired Pointer makes a sound, affectionate companion in the country or the city, as long as he gets plenty of work out-of-doors. He is more introverted than his cousin, the German Short-haired version of the breed, so ongoing socialization will keep him confident in a gathering. A very independent breed, these dogs can become mischievous if left alone or unoccupied. In terms of training, they work equally well on land and in water due to their unique coat.

German Wire-Haired Pointer Breeders:

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