Polish Lowland Sheepdog


Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breed Description

Appearance: 16-20" (40-51 cm) 35-50 lb (16-23 kg) Long, shaggy thick outercoat. Soft dense undercoat. Long hair over eyes. All colours and patches acceptable.


Dating to the 16th century, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, or Polish Owczarek Nizinny (PON), is descended from the Hungarian Puli. He is likely the link between the corded breeds and long-coated herding dogs of Eastern Europe such as the Scottish Bearded Collie. An excellent herder, the PON was also a guard and watchdog. Like many breeds, the PON nearly died off during the Second World War. These dogs were preserved thanks to Dr. Danuta Hryniewicz and her dog Smok, who sired ten litters in the 1950s. All modern Polish Lowland Sheepdogs descend from Smok, whose type became the breed standard in 1959. The PON only gained recognition in North America during the last decade.


Loyal and devoted to his family, the PON is a herding dog at heart. He protects and cares for his “flock”, and can be pushy if not well trained and socialized. His calm nature and easy intelligence make him pleasant to be around. He likes to work and benefits from activities such as obedience, rally, flyball and agility.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breeders:

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