Portuguese Sheepdog


Portuguese Sheepdog Breed Description

Appearance: 16.5-22” (42-55cm) 26-40 lb (12-18kg) A tousled coat of yellow, fawn, chestnut and grey -- from light to dark. Scant white on chest.


The Portuguese Sheepdog was born to herd. Sheep, goats, cattle, horses, pigs…the breed’s driving instinct and long coat served it well in harsh climates. Of uncertain origin, it’s possible the breed descended from a pair of Briards in the early 1900s. Then again, it resembles both the Pyrenees from France and the Catalan Sheepdog from Spain. By the end of the 20th century, the Portuguese Sheepdog had faded in popularity, and only its devotion to his family and his purpose kept the breed from disappearing altogether.


A quick and lively outdoor worker, the Portuguese Sheepdog is a good companion for a knowledgeable owner who can appreciate and channel his strong driving instinct. He is faithful to his family and can be protective of them.

Portuguese Sheepdog Breeders:

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